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Make a single page landing site for my App with Appsite

After releasing an app on App Store, we often need some marketing effort to drive the visitor traffic. It would be solely depend on ASO(App Store Optimizaton) if we don't have an external site on the Internet.

There are various ways to build landing pages for the app. I particularly find Appsite very easy to use.

Just search the published app, Appsite will generate a single page landing page for the app selected.

It's also nice I can choose among the templates

I can change theme colour and update the screenshots - if everything from the App Store is not satisfying enough.

Finally I got the single page website for my app ins within 3 minutes.

See the site I generated in action:

Try it out

If you have your iOS or Android app and wish to build a website, it'd be nice to try Appsite out.

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